I decided to try to get fit in July 2010 after coming home from a holiday, it was then I realised I had let myself get in really bad shape and was so uncomfortable and embarrassed by my body! I was a size 12/14 and had tried every diet in the book believe me.
I looked on the internet for local trainers and found Befit NI and so I made the decision to go see Andrea the following week, she told me what she believed would be possible for me and made me feel really positive for the first time in a long time about what I could achieve.
I started going to Befit 3 times a week and although it was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done it was amazingly invigorating and the feeling I got from completing each week was amazing, the best part came when I started to lose weight week after week – I began to believe that I might actually be capable of reaching my goal.
I have now reached the goal I originally set myself and am continuing to tone up and lose weight (such a bonus at this point) and am even taking part in the relay of the Belfast Marathon in May 2011, I never thought I would see the day!!
BeFit NI has completely changed my life and I continue to go to Andrea and Christine once a week to maintain my fitness and any further weight loss and toning is merely an extra pleasure.
It is now the beginning of January 2011 and I am currently a size 10 and couldn’t be happier! :-))

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