• Bored of the gym?
  • Training for a big event?
  • Not sure if your exercise programme is really achieving anything?
  • Recovering from an injury or surgery?
  • De-motivated?
  • Not enough time to exercise?
  • Overweight?
  • Want to feel better about yourself?
  • Dislike gyms?
  • Want to put the “fun” back into exercising?
If so, you need BeFIT! You will receive the highest quality one-to-one training in your own home, at work, outdoors or exclusively in our gym.
Personal Training is the best way to reach your goals effectively, whilst allowing you to enjoy your training and keep you refreshed and challenged.
Your progress is monitored and evaluated to ensure your fitness develops safely and effectively.
Personal Training can mean the difference between wasting time in the gym and actually achieving the fitness levels you’re after.

How much does it cost?


1 Session per week £25.00 *BUY 6 weeks for £120*

2 Sessions per week £160 for 4 Weeks

3 Sessions per week £220 for 4 weeks

2 People Sharing

We can pair you with someone else to share the fun (and cost!).

Everyone will get a programme that is tailored precisely to their individual needs.

Sessions only £15

* £60 every 4 weeks*

Gift Vouchers Available – for that extra special gift

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